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Let Our Builders in Mortlake SW14 Simplify Your Home Renovation

Upgrading your home to the image you’ve always had in your mind’s eye can sound like a complicated task. Right Build makes it easy. We have a team of combined trade specialists and builders in Mortlake SW14. Between them, they’ve got the skills you need to extend, renovate or refurbish any part of your home.

*All work is of the highest quality, fully insured and guaranteed

*Discuss your plans onsite with an expert first – with zero obligation

*Proceed in the full knowledge of every single cost involved – you’ll always get a clearly itemised quote

Right Build makes ordering your service simple:

  1. Get in touch with us and let us know a little more about the work you’re planning.
  2. Your onsite consultation comes next – there’s no obligation here, just a way for both us and you to collect more information.
  3. You’ll receive an itemised quote within three to five business days. This will include all labour and materials.
  4. Finalising your start date is the final step – you can do this as soon as you’re happy with your quote.

The builders services in Mortlake SW14 you can get from us

You can use our trade specialists and builders in Mortlake SW14 for any of a wide range of home improvement projects. Some of our most popular work includes:

*Bathroom Refurbishment Mortlake: have every part of your old bathroom pulled out and replaced with a shining new model. We work in washrooms, en suites and WCs of all sizes.

*Garage Conversion Mortlake: converting your garage is amongst the least disruptive and often most straightforward of home conversion tasks. Right Build makes it even easier for you.

*Painting and Decorating Mortlake: whether it’s part of your main refurbishment work or standalone home improvement, our decorators produce the highest quality work in any area.

*Water Damage Restoration Mortlake: when your property has suffered flooding, we act fast to professionally dry it and deliver IICRC standard-beating water damage restoration.

Get in touch with our builders in Mortlake SW14 today

There’s no commitment whatsoever when you give us a call and request more information. You can even book and have your onsite survey take place without committing yourself to anything.

Call us now and let us know what you have in mind.

What you get

Clear, no-nonsense discussion of your plans first
Any time you have a few minutes free, we’ll be happy to send someone round to chat about your plans with you in person. No matter what work you need our builders in Mortlake for, we’ve found this is the best way to ensure we both have the details we need.

Peace of mind from start to finish
Employers’ and public liability insurance protection covers our qualified professionals while they’re working around your property. All of the work they do for you is covered quality guarantee too, so your investment is protected every step of the way.

Smooth and steady progress until your project is finished
Experts in every trade ensure that there’s never any hold-ups getting the right talent for each individual task.

Our services

Builders Services London


Builders Services London

A: Quotes are usually valid for two months. If you would like to proceed with a project after the quote has expired, please contact us to discuss further. We will review our proposal, and depending on the situation and the scope of works, we can re-confirm our quote or update the price accordingly.

A: Yes. The vast majority of our jobs include us sourcing all building materials, handling all personnel and ensuring the project is completed to the highest standard. Our experience has shown that when customers attempt to project manage multiple tradesmen and sourcing materials themselves the overall costs often increase. You will have a much better experience contracting a single company to complete your project from start to finish.

A: The foreman of the assigned builders team manages the project on site. Personal service support manager from our office will be your point of contact throughout the process.

A: No, our teams are fully equipped and we will provide absolutely everything required for the job.

A: You have the option to be as involved as you want to be. You can select everything, from kitchen layout and design to bathroom furniture and tiles, from interior finish materials to the colour of your light switches. You can also rely on our office advisory service to provide recommendations based on style and budget to complete your project.

A: Although we want as many decisions as possible made in advance or at the beginning of the project, we are to help make your dreams come true and we are flexible. You can add extra works during the project or change the scope of works. Your quote will be revised in a timely manner and the tasks discussed in detail before being executed.

A: We recommend that you contact us and we will give you an idea of our work schedule timeframes. Start of a project often depends on the deliveries of certain materials or fittings required for the work. Some clients also prefer to arrange alternative accommodation for the duration of the service. We can settle on a firm starting date per your preferences and as soon as our best local team is available.

A: We require deposit payment upfront. No respectable building company would request full payment in advance. The final payment will be due only when all works are completed. Our payment terms are flexible depending on the scale of the project. The payment scheme will be set up before starting the project and will state when interim or final payments will be required.

We accept payments via bank transfers and advise our customers to make a small test payment or confirm the payment details over the landline with our office.

A: In any complex building project unexpected things may happen. That is why we keep a close working relationship with our clients and make sure that most issues never escalate into problems.

Should anything unexpected comes up in the course of the project, simply let our office know of your concerns as soon as possible and we will do our best to quickly address and remedy the situation.

A: Quite often during the working process walk-throughs occur spontaneously with the builder. We also schedule on-site meetings. Additionally, when a project is completed, you and the on-site project manager will conduct a detailed walk-through the quote and the property. This helps us look for and identify any ‘snags’ which may be required. The items on this “snags list” are scheduled and completed to make sure you are completely satisfied with our service.

A: We are confident that our workmanship is of the highest standard and we provide our own free guarantee against our workmanship. Right Build follows limitation periods under English Law guidelines by offering a one-year warranty.  We are well aware that our future success depends on satisfied customers and will always address any concerns after the project has been completed.

A: Yes. All Gas related works are completed by a Gas Safe Engineer.

A: Yes. When the required electrical work is notifiable and/or must meet the requirements of Part P of the Building Regulations we will send an electrician registered with one of the Government-approved scheme providers or an electrical installer who has appointed a registered third party certifier to carry out the required inspection and testing of the work upon completion.

A: Generally, we would recommend that you are on site at the beginning to go over the project and at the end to inspect the completed work. Once all details are ironed out, our teams can work autonomously and we do not require that you are engaged in the project every day. A lot of our clients go on vacations or find alternative accommodation for the duration of larger scale projects.

A: We understand very well that even though temporary, refurbishment and renovation projects are a tremendous intrusion in the lives of our customers. Right Build always strives to keep the disruption and stress to a minimum – we isolate our work area to keep dirt, dust, noise and worker traffic out of your living space as much as possible. We also tidy up our work areas at the end of each and every project.

A: Every renovation or refurbishment project is different when it comes to duration and costs.  Right Build believes that time spent with customers to plan their project is key to ensuring there are no unpleasant surprises.  Every aspect of the job is accounted for – there are no hidden costs or extras for which you will not be aware.  You can rest assured that we take our commitment to deliver your project as scheduled very seriously.  We have an impeccable track record on finishing building projects on time and within budget.