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Right Build’s team of London builders, painters and decorators specialise in all aspects of domestic and commercial decorating.
With over 10 years experience you are guaranteed the highest standard of workmanship through our professional and friendly service.

Whether you are looking for a first-class paint job requiring full preparation or just an end of tenancy tidy up,
we offer fast, efficient and quality project execution, provided by reliable and local teams.

We have the RIGHT professional painters and decorators in London for you.

Our technicians are qualified in all aspects of interior and exterior painting and can help you with:

  • Painting walls London and ceiling in emulsion
  • Painting doors, frames, architraves, skirting boards
  • Painting window frames and sills
  • Painting stairwell bannisters and handrails London
  • Repairing or replacing coving ready to paint
  • Hanging lining paper or wallpaper of any design London
  • All types of plastering in London and preparation work
  • Staining, varnishing and painting all wood flooring London
  • Whole house re-painting and decorating  London
  • End of tenancy painting London

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Whatever your painting project Right Build are the painters and decorators you need in London.

Interior Painting &
Decorating London

stripping wallpaper
stripping paint
stains and mould treatment

Exterior Painting &
Decorating London

masonry preparation and repairs
woodwork preparation and repairs
necessary scaffolding

Commercial and Office
Painting & Decorating

feature walls decorating and wallpapering
applying craft paints
freshen up with a coat of paint or change of colours

Quality painting and decorating in London

Thorough preparation is essential to achieve the best outcome for your project.

That is why Right Build offers a range of common preparation tasks, restoration and repairing works to ensure a first-class finish:

  • Making good indents, holes or cracks on ceilings and walls for the perfect finish through skimming or plastering.
  • Applying caulking to ensure a professional finish.
  • Stripping old wallpaper and lining paper.
  • Repairing or replacing damaged or rotting woodwork including windows and sills, doors and door frames.
  • Preparing walls and woodwork with sugar soap to remove dirt and grease to allow the fresh paint to be applied.
  • Sanding down woodwork to prime, undercoat and paint.
  • Removing old paint that has become loose or cracked.

Our services

Builders Services London


Builders Services London

A: It depends on the size of the room, the amount of preparation work required before painting, which elements need painting – only walls and ceiling or the woodwork too and how many coats of paint. In general painting walls and ceiling with 2 coats of emulsion paint and minor making good works of a medium-sized room with standard height will take around a day for one of our professional painters London.

A: Every painting project is different when it comes to duration and depends on the scope of the works being done, the size of the property, the current weather conditions, etc. Upon request, we will provide in advance an approximate completion time frame per the specifics of your job. When our team of London professional painters arrive on site, we will be able to give a more precise duration for the completion of the works required.

A: It is recommended to wait around 24 hours for the emulsion or water-based paint to dry and the fumes to go out of the room before sleeping in. In most cases, particularly with zero or low VOC paints, you can sleep in a freshly painted room the same night – especially if safe paint was used, the painting was started earlier in the day and the area was ventilated well. Should any remaining smell make you feel dizzy or lightheaded leave the room immediately.

A: This depends on the type of paint used – some paints dry quickly, which reduces exposure to VOCs, but others need a lot of time to dry off. The type of paint will determine how much paint fumes will be released when applied. When the paint has dried and any residual odour is gone, it is safe for a child to sleep in the room. Not waiting long enough for the paint to dry may cause children headache; Irritation of nose, eyes and/or throat; breathing difficulties/coughing, nausea. We recommend using Zero-VOC Paint or Organic Paint for painting a baby room. Always check the labels of the paints you have chosen and ensure that they are safe enough for children.

A: One of the most commonly asked questions is which to paint first – the skirting boards or the walls when you are painting an entire room. There are different opinions but as professional London painters, we would recommend to paint the walls first and then the woodwork. This way we can ensure a good finish between the wall and the skirtings.

A: Good building practice is to start from top to bottom. Our professional London painters also follow this order when painting a room – the ceiling is done first, then the walls and at the end the woodwork. This procedure ensures that there will be no splash or paint marks to the different elements.

A: Different paints have different drying times – it’s always best to check the product specifications and guidelines on the can. Bear in mind that drying also depends on atmospheric conditions and other variables. Generally speaking, for an interior emulsion paint in normal conditions, 2-4 hours between coats should be sufficient. If you are using water-based metal & wood paint at least 6 hours between coats are required, even longer during cold and humid weather. For solvent-based metal & wood paint at least 16-24 hours are needed for the paint to dry.

A: In general, you need to know/calculate the area of the surfaces that are to be painted. Then to check the coverage of the chosen paint per sq. m on the back of the can or the product page. Divide the surface area by the coverage of the product but bear in mind that most surfaces require two coats of paint and on the can the stated coverage rate is for one coat only. If during our survey at the property it is requested for us to deliver the paints for the project, we will calculate how much paint is required and include the cost in our estimate. If you have decided to deliver the paints by yourselves – you can always give us a call for advice.