Painting and decorating prices

You are thinking about giving your home a fresh look by painting the rooms and possibly the outside of the house but are debating whether to hire professional painters or do it yourself. You wonder how much does a painter charge per room? How much do painters charge per day? How do you price a painting job?

There are no hard rules on pricing a painting job. It depends on many factors such as where you live, how big is your property, and also the painters you choose. Consider that London is usually the most expensive area when it comes to construction services. Painting and decorating require skilled professionals due to the complexity of labour. You may still decide to save some money and do it yourself, but take in the time it will take you to complete and whether the money you will save by painting yourself will compensate the money you will lose by taking time off work. It’s smart to weigh up the pros and cons of hiring a professional when it comes to completing the job efficiently. Anyone can splash a coat of paint up, but cutting in, covering up damp and getting a consistent finish isn’t always easy.

When starting to shop around for quotes, it is essential to get them in writing and if possible, try to get a fixed rate instead of a daily rate. It may seem that a job will take just a day or so, but there may be some issues with your walls that come it and the job may end up taking much longer. Ask if the painters are licensed and insured. Ask about the type of materials they use. If you want to save some money, you may choose to provide the paint yourself. But in this case, the painters will not be responsible if the end result is not what was expected.

All painting and decorating jobs vary according to the details of the project, which is why your painter will normally want to visit your property before providing you with a quote for any work. What is the condition of your home – the underlying state of the walls and how much preparation your decorator will need to do will affect overall costs as it can make it harder (or easier) for your trader to complete particular projects. Extras will cost more money- for example, if the ceilings are stained with nicotine, they will have to be washed first; if replastering is needed or old wallpaper to be removed adds up to the cost as well.

Here are some ideas on what to expect price-wise: painting a single room cost anywhere between £150 and £350 depending on the size and complexity of the project. If you hire the painters for a larger job, it will save you some money because they are good at multitasking and while one room is drying up, they can start painting the next room. Price for one bedroom flat including hallways is approximately £400-£800. For a two bedroom property, average prices are £900-£1500. Please consider that these prices are just average estimates for the London area and you will need to get a specific quote for your property.

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