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Preparing to improve your home? Right Build makes it simple for you. With the team of refurbishment experts and builders in Paddington you need for any kind of property refurbishment, renovation or extension.

  • A comprehensive quality guarantee and insurance protection for all workmanship
  • A team filled with all of the tradesmen your project needs – carpenters, decorators, plumbers, electricians…
  • A fully costed quote which includes all of the costs of the work you need to have done
Refurbishment In Paddington

Setting up your builders services is simple:

  1. Give us a call and tell us about the home improvements you have planned
  2. Decide when you have a few minutes free for an onsite viewing
  3. You get sent an itemised quote in under five working days
  4. Happy with your quote? Choose the start date which is right for you

What can Right Build do for you?

What do you want to do to improve your home? We have all of the tradesmen and builders in Paddington needed to renovate and refurbish any part or all of your home. You might call on us for:

  • Kitchen Refurbishment: install and fit a completely new kitchen suite from any of the leading suppliers on the market.
  • Loft Conversion: converting your loft requires careful planning but is also one of the best ways to add both extra space and value to your property.
  • Home Extension: build a whole new space in line with your architect’s plans. We can do everything, from the initial structural work and foundations to the final coat of paint.
  • Water Damage Repair: get water damage restoration which happens fast and meets the highest standards. Right Build meets all of the IICRC’s quality requirements.

How our builders in Paddington work:

Start off with a commitment-free chat

With Right Build, you always have plenty of chance to discuss your plans with an expert before you agree to anything. Set a time for one of our friendly and helpful advisors to come and meet you at the address in question. There’s no obligation.

Stay protected and insured at all times

Large-scale work like this can be intimidating. That’s why all of the work our refurbishment specialists and builders do in Paddington is fully insured, quality-guaranteed – and only delivered by trained, qualified and highly experienced professionals.

All of the professionals – from start to finish

Expert plumbers for installing new pipes, fixtures or appliances. Skilled electricians for wiring work. Painters for decorating. Whatever the individual roles required by your particular project, your team will always consist of just the right mix of specialists.

Whatever kind of builders services you need, you’ll get the right team for the job here.

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Pick up your phone and have a chat with us now. We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have – and to set up your no-obligation onsite meeting at the time that’s most convenient for you.


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Get a personalised estimate of the project within 3 to 5 working days

Pick a starting date that will fit your schedule

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Darshan Patel, SW11 2HQ

Molly Hughes, E2 0QF

Silvia Jenkins, EC4N 1SD

Victor Schwartz, N17 0WL

Mattie Wade, NW5

Adam Padilla, SE4

Shaun Clayton, SW4 8AT

Peter Wright, SW12

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Tony Williamson, W11 2EN

Tonya Peters, SW4 6BP

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Peter & Judith Atkinson

Thank you so much for your excellent work and customer service throughout the process.

Thank you for your help. You did a great job!

Really efficient and really good! The painting and decorating team was friendly and attentive. Good job!

Your experts did wonders with my bathroom. It is a whole new and refreshed place thanks to you. Keep up the good work!

My kitchen was a total mess, but not anymore. The kitchen refurbishment I ordered put everything back in place. I am really happy now!

The house I bought needed a thorough care. I call your support and they explained me everything. Let me say that your team is absolutely amazing. Thanks for everything!

I really appreciate your work and meeting with the team. They were responsive and the job they did was just perfect. I recommend!

Good communication throughout the whole work. The carpenter that came at my house was good and handy. Perfect installations and fittings without any space loss. Great!

Recently my family has grown, so I needed an extra space for my children. I friend of mine recommended you, so I booked a house extension service. Now I have more space and an extra room to enjoy!

I found your services very useful. My loft has become from unusable place to usable office space that I can work from. Thanks!

The guys arrived on time and I am really impressed about what they did with my garage. The conversion their performed is a really efficient way to add an extra space to my property. Nice prices though.

From beginning to the end, you guys performed perfectly. The whole house is gleaming and new thanks to your experts and the house refurbishment they performed. I am amazed!

To tell you honest at the beginning I’ve had some doubts, but thanks to your responsive and friendly professionals the whole work was provided smooth and neat. The results are much more than just satisfying. Thank you!

Your company is really something! I can’t thank you enough about the job you did. The team arrived on time and after short discussion started to work. Now I have perfect and new kitchen.

I needed some replacements and installations of my old and worn out floors. Your men did a great job and now my floors are looking like once before. Cheers!

After the rainy autumn, my house had some severe water damage and the moss was almost everywhere. The service you provided saved my property. Greetings to the team and the work they did! My home is restored and bright once again.

I’ve had serious issues in my home after a pipe broke. My whole apartment was soaking wet. I called your team and they reacted quickly. I was stunned of the quality they provided. Now my apartment is in ideal condition once again. Greetings!

I would not have any hesitation to recommend your professionals! The speed and quality of work the time provide for my house extension was impressive. The team worked efficient, clean and kept me informed about the progress of the work.

Dear Darren,

If you would like to have our feedback – I can tell you that we could not have been more satisfied than we were with both your services and the work of Biser’s international team.

I shall start with your understanding of our disaster situation and of our worries and with your quick and appropriate reaction to all this. I was impressed. Usually business deals are lacking the human touch these days. You, however, were kind, patient, and considered and we are very grateful for that.

I have lived in four different countries and I have had to deal with builders in 17 places I have lived in. I can clearly state that Biser’s work was the best in my personal experience. Like you, he is a kind and friendly person in the first place. He is also extremely competent and a perfectionist in his work. He never rushes things, he takes his time to achieve the best result – to his customer’s satisfaction, but also to his own satisfaction. He is extremely patient with the customer, he listens carefully, and he always asks when there are decisions to be made.
He is punctual (something very rare for builders in England) and he works very hard. My husband and I had to remind him once in a while that he needs to take a break and to eat something. The same applies to his team: two more hard working men, not wasting any time, polite, and good in what they do. In short, Biser seems to be highly professional, well qualified in a number of areas, competent, and extremely honest about his abilities and his knowledge. Anyone who hires him will be lucky to have him work in their home.
As a result, we have the bathroom we wanted to have, even though our flat is in a very old house and it was really hard to work with the uneven walls, the old plumbing, etc. I am very happy, my husband is pleased, and we thank you all profoundly.
Warm regards!


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