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In Fulham, we have the right talent of extension builders and the skilled and trained staff needed for everything – from laying the first stone to the final coat of paint.
Our In Fulham team provides construction services for home extensions in Fulham. We have the skills and experience to build your new living space whether it is a single-story extension or double extension, side, or rear extension. More and more customers want to expand the house, rather than move it.

What you should consider while planning a house extension Fulham?

Before you draw up your plans, you should consider the following important points

  • On-site soil conditions, and any flooding history
  • Where there are services such as electricity and, in particular, current drainages
  • Limits and party walls-if the Party Wall Act covers your extension project
  • The size and shape of your house and garden, from where you will have access

Bring your thoughts into graphic design

In most cases, input from a planner will be required to include project designs and discuss what space is feasible, and what is not. The drawings will help you visualize the project and ensure that you are comfortable before working on the product. Scaled drawings would also allow the contractor to decide what the completed project will look like, down to specific details such as the location of the power sockets, light fittings, and radiators.

Do I Need Planning Permission for House Extension in Fulham?

Planning approval is generally not necessary, and it is considered appropriate to create an extension, subject to defined limits and terms. However, if your project meets the criteria, you need permission if you live in a listed house or protected area. You would need to find an architect to see whether you need planning permission or not. Even if you don’t need permission to register, you’ll need to contact the city council, who will then consult with your neighbours and discuss your idea’s effect if they object.