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For complete conversion of your garage, we have the RIGHT team of experienced garage conversion experts and skilled Ealing builders to meet your own design needs from start to finish. Our Ealing team can transform all forms of garages, whether single, double, detached, or combined. Popular options for conversion include a guest bedroom, play den, kitchen or utility, office, or fitness center. Garage conversions provide a more economical alternative to relocating home or building a property extension. The Garage Conversion specialists are converting the garage into some rooms. Maybe you want a separate living room or a new dining room, or even a study or office. Conversion to a garage may include an additional bathroom or a larger kitchen. It can be a playroom or even a fitness center, the ends of the list are up to you
Our Ealing team can transform a flat-roofed garage into a pitched roof or add room above the garage if necessary. Our Ealing conversion teams are all vetted, well trained, and very experienced in their fields.

The garage conversion work that our company in Ealing undertakes includes.

  • Electrics
  • Plastering
  • Heating
  • Joinery work
  • Wall insulation
  • the placing of concrete slabs

What you should consider while planning a garage conversion in Ealing?

The first step is to find out if your garage is fit for conversion

You must check your property in respect of any restrictive clauses in the lease. The other most important point is to assess the soundness of the existing structure for its foundations, walls, and roof. This will determine whether it can be converted into a living space.

Do I need permission to plan Garage Conversion in Ealing?

Usually planning permission is not needed to convert a garage into a living space, as long as the construction is in-house and does not include construction extension. In certain cases, approved development rights were withdrawn by the condition that could preclude the conversion of a garage without planning permission. Typically, this is the case for land located on a private estate or in a protected area.

Do I need the approval of the Building regulations?

The conversion of a garage into habitable space typically requires approval under the Building Regulations as this type of conversion involves’ a change of use. You will need to remind the city authority of the upcoming project by sending a request for a building notice or complete plans. A building control officer would likely have to review the conversion multiple times over throughout the project to ensure that everything is acceptable and following the Building Codes so that they can issue a completion certificate. With your plan completed and the requisite approvals in place, your conversion project is on the RIGHT road to completion.