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Our resin flooring systems can be used in a few different sectors of industry as all of our products can be customized to suit your unique needs. We can offer decorative flooring, sanitary and non-slip flooring for commercial environments for use in kitchens and food courts, and heavy-duty and durable flooring for industrial environments.
We strive to reduce inconvenience and downtime quickly and effectively and provide extremely high levels of customer support and aftercare. Please contact our resin flooring installers or fill in the contact form for an email quote if you would like to schedule a no-commitment survey and quote or need more details or advice. Our Dulwich team is in safe hands with your project, whether you are a homeowner, real estate owner, or a company. Our floor fitting specialists are experienced in all areas of floor design and can assist with this.

We offer the following services:

  • Technicians in treating water purification and damage
  • Applied by internal drying processors
  • Defects and leaks
  • Flood basement & Can water
  • Burn and Kill
  • Clean & Dehumidify
  • Spray & Leak Pipes
  • Contaminated water and waste disposal
  • Cut off water
  • Eliminating emergency water
  • Clean & Dehumidify
  • Rug repair
  • Rug wash, deodorization & stain removal
  • Mold removal & odor removal
  • Replay
  • Moisture beneath the walls
  • A sandy roof
  • Bottom pants
  • Clean the substance & the paper
  • Upholstered Carpet & Furniture
  • More Housing Proposals

What can our floor fitter’s team in Dulwich include in your service?

  • Laying floors beneath skirting boards
  • Laying beading / Scotia trim flooring
  • Continuous flooring, or threshold bars
  • Suitable for all kinds of underlays
  • Preparation and skilling of the underfloor if necessary
  • Doors trim/shave if necessary due to difference in height of the new floor
  • Underfloor heating system, both wet and electric

Our teams are equipped to prepare all types of subfloor ready for all types of floor coverings, whether a concrete subfloor is leveling, or a Damp-Proof Membrane is laying.