List of Builders in London

We have made a selection of the most reliable, professional & affordable builders in London. By following our list you can find the company that’s the most suitable for your goal, this will be with zero bias, purely objective. The sole reason for this summary is to once again, do the best in service of your loyal customer & readers. The list will be short, emphasizing the 3 most important aspects when you choose the best company for your needs – quality, price & reliability.

Starting at the 4 place of our list is one of the biggest building companies in the area – DS Brothers Contractors Limited, as their pricing is not the best, they have a clear mission to offer London’s homeowners zero-stress building services, they promise to exceed all of your expectations and are simply a very viable choice if you are not looking for a very affordable solution.

Placing 3 we have the building experts from TOTUS, a family-owned business with a lot of years in the niche behind their back. Their reputation precedes them for high-quality building projects in London over the last decade. They understand perfectly well how important a home is and they invest a lot of effort to make sure you will be happy with the end results. Another very viable option for your future building project if you want to guarantee a good combination of price & quality.

At the second spot in our list, we have the building team from Big Bean Construction ltd, they specialize in high-end design, whether you want vintage or modern-looking renovations – they have the necessary experts to help you with that. Their main goal is to deliver a beautiful project at the cost of time & money. Still, they receive second place in our list mostly because the service you will receive will not be as fast as possible and it will be heavy on your pocket.

Here is the end of our list, the first place goes to the expert team from Right Build Group, this is the only company in London that can provide you with the most affordable, reliable & professional construction solutions. That’s not all, our services can be of use to both homeowners & businesses, we have a huge team of builders, architects & designers that will walk you through the whole process without any stress involved. Every member of our team undergoes a thorough background & reference check for your peace of mind, they are all fully insured & certified. There are multiple reasons why your project will be a guaranteed success, from the team of experts we mentioned above, combined with the usage of modern tools & premium-quality materials, a perfect mix of everything to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is simply the RIGHT choice of builders in London when you want the best of all worlds.

Getting in touch with us is easy, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial 020 3404 2271, we have a customer support representative that is always available to help, whether you want to get your questions answered or you need help with booking. Alternatively, you can use our booking form and an expert will be in touch with you shortly.

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