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We have a highly talented team of people at Ealing to do your fitting, enhancement, and maintenance work for you. Whether you’re renovating an old bathroom or building a new from scratch, you still must do those things and our technicians will help you with all the work involved. The bathroom(s) of your home is one of the most used areas of your home and you would like to make it as comfortable as possible. We specialize in bathroom renovation and reconstruction. We at Ealing have a range of options for bathroom refurbishment and remodeling. When you contact us for your bathroom remodeling and renovation, we will start with a one-on-one customer consultation. Meeting one-on-one with our customers is extremely valuable because we can talk and help you better design your dream bathroom from start to finish, all while keeping within your budget. Our facilities include premium furniture, custom tiled showers, trim work, numerous style showerheads.

Our technicians are trained and willing to assist you with all forms of bathrooms renovations:

  • Bathroom demolition repairing and renovation of previous tiles and wall decorations.
  • Wall and floor renovation
  • Paint repairing and renovation in your slightly damages walls and ceiling.
  • Remove rubbish and waste and clean up.
  • We provide a simple, clear, and concise recovery service for the bathroom. With the fantastic makeover, breathe new life into your bathroom! Find out what the experts suggest you will pay for the costs of the bathroom renovation.

Our services scope is not limited to the services we will also do your work on custom made orders you can call us.

  • Full or custom bathroom renovation or refurbishments Ealing.
  • Full Wet Room conversions and renovations in Ealing.
  • Walk-in showers renovations and fitting Ealing.
  • Fitting of new shower rooms refurbishments Ealing.
  • Walk-in showers renovation and fitting Ealing.
  • Redesigning or renovation of new shower rooms
  • Total removal of your existing bathroom fittings, fixtures, and furniture, including your bath, washbasin, toilet, cabinets, and any supplementary devices.
  • Removal of the floor and wall tiles in your new bathroom.
  • Replacing plaster with plasterboard.
  • Plumbing, and bathroom electrical work.
  • Bathtub, toilets, washbasins, radiators, and other appliances are installed.
  • A large array of toilet and bathroom repairs.
  • Tiling wall and board.
  • Installation of new or current bathroom fittings and furnishings.
  • All types of tiling restoration and fitting to the highest quality including tiling boarding and preparation of the subfloors.
  • All aspects of plumbing and drainage, including the installation of soil pipes at Ealing.
  • All aspects of Carpentry Ealing operations. These include armchairs, soccer, doors, frames, skirting, etc.
  • All forms of top quality tiling including tiling boarding and subfloor renovation.
  • All types of plumbing and drainage, including soil pipe installation at Ealing;
  • Repair and installation of both wet and electric underfloor heating.


We provide you with a painless bathroom remodeling experience. If you’d like to go over project management, discuss bathroom designs, or appreciate the work that needs to be done, we’re here for all your bathroom remodeling facilities. We are the Leading Bathroom Installers of Ealing. We have all the skills needed to give your bathroom a polished and professional finish. Accessible expense. Outstanding Attentive Bathroom Specialists at London Promised service.