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We have the unique professional team of people in Putney for you to do your fitting, modification and repairing jobs. If you are renovating an old bathroom or building a new one from scratch, there are certain activities that need to be done at all times and our technicians can assist you with all the work involved. The bathroom(s) in your home is one of your house’s most frequently used places, so you would want to make it as comfortable as possible. We specialize in full bathroom remodelling and repair. In Putney, we provide a range of bathroom remodelling and refurbishment options. When you call us for the remodelling and reconstruction of your bathroom, we will continue with a one-on-one customer consultation. It is incredibly important to meet one-on-one with our clients so that we can chat and help you had better design your dream bathroom from start to finish, all while remaining within your budget. Our services include luxurious amenities, custom tiled showers, trim work, multiple showerhead design.

Our services scope is not limited to the services we will also do your work on custom made order you can call us

  • Full or custom bathroom refurbishments Putney.
  • Full Wet Room conversions in Putney.
  • Walk-in showers renovations and fitting Putney.
  • Fitting of new shower rooms refurbishments Putney.
  • Walk-in showers renovation and fitting Putney.
  • Redesigning or renovation of new shower rooms
  • All forms of tiling renovation and fitting to the highest standard including tiling boarding and all subfloor preparation.
  • All aspects of plumbing and drainage work, including soil pipe construction in Putney.
  • All aspects of Putney carpentry activities. Those include armchairs, football, doors, frames and skirting.
  • All types of tiling to the highest quality including tiling boarding and redesign of subfloors.
  • All forms of plumbing and drainage, including the installation of soil pipes in Putney;
  • Both wet and electric underfloor heating repair and fitting.

Our technicians are trained and willing to assist you with all forms of bathrooms renovations:

  • Bathroom demolition┬árepairing and renovation of previous tiles and wall decorations.
  • Wall and floor renovation
  • Paint repairing and renovation in your slightly damages walls and ceiling.
  • Remove rubbish and waste and clean up.